Angie Simonsen - Weirdly Wired Jewelry
Angie Simonsen – Weirdly Wired Jewelry

My studio is located in Bellevue NE. There are two’ish brick and mortar stores that carry my work. They are:

The Lotus, 12th & Howard, Old Market in Omaha Nebraska

Omaha Power Yoga, Country Side Village, 87th & Pacific, Omaha Nebraska (items available before/after classes).

UpRiver Urban Exchange, 117 East Broadway in Brunswick, Missouri

Phone: 402-709-1963


Short version:
Wife, Mother, pet lover and artist living the dream in Nebraska.
I play with wire, beads and food – but not all at the same time. That would be gross.

Long version:
Christmas, 2001, we decided to make gifts for friends and family rather than just buying stuff.
It went really well, and I tapped into a creative streak I didn’t know was there.
I took some of the left over stuff back to the store, and exchanged it for beading stuff.
. . . . .
The following Christmas, we decided to do the same thing, and it got a bit more involved.
While trying to figure out how to NOT get hot glue all over my wreathes and trees, I discovered floral wire.
. . . . .
The next fall, my husband began school full time, along with working full time,
so in the evenings I had nothing to do and no one to entertain me. Poor me, right?
That’s when I REALLY got back into the jewelry making and added wire to the mix.
. . . . .
Things have never been the same. A couple of friends hosted jewelry parties for me
and then I started doing some crap (oops, I mean CRAFT) shows and some other
unconventional shows (like at bars when my friends band was playing).
Some were great, some were terrible, but I have met some wonderful people along the way, so they were all definitely worth it.
Now I’m much more selective about the shows I do, and they’re called “ART” shows!